The 2A Activewear Story

2A Activewear was born after a group of gun-loving Texans noticed a gap in the marketplace where most of the “concealed carry apparel” available appears overly tactical and screams “I’m probably armed, and you should see my arsenal at home...”

This is not a bad thing (you should see ours), but we needed an alternative for on and off the job that provides maximum reliability, comfort, and performance while remaining discrete and unassuming.

Ultimately, large athletic brands avoid acknowledging our right to carry, the right to defend ourselves and never have considered building the functionality to do so. 2A Activewear set out to take this head on by promoting the right that is an integral part of why America is the greatest country on Earth. Our team is striving to bring the best in fashionable, discrete, and functional active carrywear and apparel to the market. To do just that, we have established the pillars of the brand:

EDCarry™ (Every Day Carry) – Features our discrete concealed carry apparel and gear

EDComfort™ (Every Day Comfort) – Features our lifestyle apparel based on the principles of the brand

We since have expanded our line to include quality products that align to our believes and are commonly used every day by a Soldier for the Second. We're glad we could share our story and hope you share the vision as we Stand for the Second together.



How we can grow together

Our ambassador program includes men in all fields of interest from the fitness world to the front lines - the weekend warriors, fathers, service members, and second amendment advocates. We are creating a movement and bringing together individuals who cherish the true underlying meaning of what it means to be free to exercise our rights in this great country of ours. If you want to be apart of the movement, contact us to tell us a little bit about yourself, share a link to your social media pages, and let us know how you Stand for the Second.

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